Residencial Real Estate

We provide with expertise market analisys in your Real Estate property,in order to help you take the correct decision and succesfull closing to achieve the best deal for you.


One of the biggest investments is a home, you should take some decisions like for example; how much could you afford? The area where do you want to live? What is the style of the property? There are many questions to answer and possibilities from which to choose, even before you start looking for a property. After, there is a big and hard job coming up but, if you have a Realtor exclusive, LLC assisting you every step of the way, this job will become in a wonderful experience to you.
We support our buyer every single second, offering them the fallowing services:
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) totally free.
List about our customerĀ“s necessities and requirements.
List of options to buyer from the MLS (Multiple Listing System).
Giving Ideas and advices about properties.
Showing panoramic photos from the property (inside and outside)
Making a tour in the property of their choice.
Preparing the offer and take care of all the paperwork.