Realtor Exclusive, LLC is legally established in the Real Estate Market since 2013, nevertheless with experience since 2008, the owner Ana Armua built this company, with strong ethic values to assist homeowners and homebuyer to get their best options, with success a long to these years we have been helping many people in the area. Our investors are not only from United States, we work with abroad investors as well, for that reason in our team we have agents from different countries and with different languages like: English, Spanish and French, all of them are active members of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and REALTORS. As a team we have comfortable and friendly environment, marketing and advertising engines with the latest technology that is an important part of our work. Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Ethic and Efficiency are fundamentals in Realtor Exclusive, LLC.


Our Mission

The main idea in Realtor Exclusive, LLC agency is assist our customers with all our skills and knowledge in Real Estate. We are sure that there is no important to be wealthy for buying, renting or selling a property, by the way we are sure that there is a perfect property for each one of us. For that reasons our techniques in marketing, managing, renting and selling any kind of properties, will be exposed at the moment of work. In our agency we has professionals and well qualified broker and agents, the ones who work seriously, hard and together with the rules handed down by the FREC.





Work with an exclusive Realtor, experience and solutions.

Agents Services

Our Agents count with the fallowing Services:

*A solid working team

* Respectful and warm working system

*Seriously and transparent work

*Speeches about real estate attorney

*Full Broker and agent support

*Own web Page (easy and professional system)

*Trainings (in person or online)(english or Espanish)

*Potential Leads

*Advertices installed with nice format

*A split according to you, and the total amount

*kindly and friendly enviroment

*Personal goal in Real Estate will be reach it

*online advert(MLS,Trulia, Zillow, So on)

*Call Center (Assisting you averytime)

*24/7 hours office access, choose your schedule.

*Professional material (online or Physics) will be proportionate, pictures, information, so on.

If you want to get all of this benefit, be part of Realtor Exclusive, LLC

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